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Why does your vehicle need a wheel alignment? Wheel alignment, also known as tire alignment, is an important maintenance task that ensures your vehicle’s wheels are properly aligned with eac...Read More

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THE GAME CHANGING, ALL-ELECTRIC CHEVROLET SILVERADO IS COMING NEWMARKET! The Electric Chevrolet Silverado, will be engineered to deliver pure electric power. Designed as an EV from the ground up, ...Read More

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We’re proud of our very own Raymond Belanger for winning The Era Banner’s Readers’ Choice Award for the best Car Sales Person in the area. Way to go Ray!...Read More

We’re proud of our sales team for being recognized as the best New and Used Car Dealership in The Era Banner’s Readers’ Choice Awards!  You guys rock!...Read More

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Nobody likes a check engine light popping up on their dash. In this case, a Code 82 on my Chevrolet Cruze means I’m in need of oil maintenance / oil change. If you have this code flash up on you...Read More