So I got a call from my friend, he said call this gentleman name clyde at new road newmarket. Hes the man and will help you out, So that afternoon I gave him a call .I never in my life talk to someone as friendly and caring as clyde. Just talking to him made me want to stop by and see what they have to offer and also see what they can do for me.I set appointment for Saturday morning as his suggestion because he said it gets busy in the afternoon. I show up Saturday to my surprise he was as friendly and cheerful as the phone conversation. (Just because i had other experiences) He help me out with the cars I wanted to test drive, just a amazing person and great vibe. When We picked a car that we wanted, clyde went out of his way to make a deal with use . Along the way he introduced 2 other gentlemen that work with him john and Sean . They are also very friendly and cheerful, there smiles light up the room.I have to say to the owner of newmarket new road that his staff there are all doing a great job and everyone that I encountered where just great people, especially these gentlemen. I high recommend clyde if you are look for a new or used vehicle . He will take the time to make sure your happy . Also sean and john made me feel like I was at home and didn’t have to worry. That what I personally like to trust someone and feel that they respect your wishes. Clyde and john also went out of there way for my family ,when they noticed something on my car they didn’t like with the car I purchased. They gave my 2 kids pictures to color and made sure that I was happy. I have to rate newmarket new road a 5/5 rating ,Not just because I bought a vehicle there but the way they treated my family, Especially during these times.I cant thank you gentlemen enough for your help and patience.