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NewRoads Business Elite OFA Fleet in Newmarket

Are you: A small business, in agriculture, a landscaper or corporation?

Since NewRoads is a community based business, it’s our responsibility to find solutions for all of our customers. Small business, agricultural sales, and landscaping purchases are specialized purchases that require individualistic attention. If you’re a small to medium size business, OFA member or CNLA member, please contact our Fleet Manager; even if it means just one purchase.

We carry a complete line of new GM pickup trucks as well as having the luxury of 5 NewRoads dealerships, and hundreds of used trucks in Newmarket, Bradford, Keswick and Aurora.

The benefit? As a GM Business Elite dealer (one of a select number across the country), we have the dedicated resources to offer you real solutions. Test us out today; please contact our Fleet Department directly.


Phone: 905-392-2282

FREE Shuttle

Our NewRoads Customer Shuttle provides free service for our customers around Newmarket as well as to both Keswick and Bradford.

Town of East Gwillimbury Chevrolet Silverados

Town of East Gwillimbury Chevrolet Silverados from NewRoads

*NewRoads ranks among the highest GMAC dealer customer service indexes across Canada.
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